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A Complete Guide On Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is a diagnostic modality that is used to view the real time pictures of the internal organs and structures of the body. The ultrasound scan does not use any ionising radiation for image production like scanning techniques including X-ray CT scan and other radiation based scans. The ultrasound scan centre near you uses sound waves for image production. Sound waves are not harmful at all to any person or condition. It is the safest and most common test that is conducted during pregnancy. The ultrasound scan helps keep a check on your pregnancy. It helps in 

  • Identifying the establishment of pregnancy.
  • Calculating the gestational age. 
  • It helps in knowing the month when the expected due date can be.
  • It helps in knowing and assessing any congenital abnormality
  • It helps in studying amniotic fluid.
  • It helps monitor the growth and development of the growing baby in your womb.
  • It helps monitor fetal heart rate.
  • It helps in the evaluation of ectopic pregnancy.
  • It also helps knowing if it is a single, dual or triplet pregnancy.

The ultrasound scan is not only used for assessing pregnancy. It also helps in the evaluation of other conditions including kidney stone evaluation, gallstone evaluation and other conditions evaluation.

You might wonder if you need to drink more water before your USG or Ultrasound scan. The answer lies in affirmation. If you are having a lower pelvis ultrasonography scan, you should drink plenty of water before the scan. You should drink 5-8 glasses of water before your scan and do not go to the washroom to empty your bladder.

The preparation for the scan is also minimal, you only need to wear loose clothes and inform your healthcare centre about any known disease or medication routine beforehand. This will allow a smooth appointment with minimal discomfort and hassle. The Best diagnostic centre further ensures your safety and comfort along with this, it promises on the accuracy and precision of its results. You should choose a low cost Ultrasound scan along with its cost effectiveness, the centre shall offer you guaranteed precision in its test reports. The test reports reading become the basis of your diagnosis and treatment plan. Therefore, it is highly necessary to choose a reputed and renowned diagnostic centre. The centre with the maximum patient satisfaction level and maximum positive reviews will deliver the required.

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