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How Technology Affects Globalization

Globalization is something that every big country face, which affects all economies, all social and cultural access throughout the world. However, recently the factors of technological development have influenced the acceleration and deepening of the globalization process, also information and communication technology, the way we interact also forms innovation in various other fields, in this article we will discuss how the technological process influences globalization globally and also several aspects.

Information and communication technology

The main factor driving the globalization of all countries is the existence of information and communication technology, which is one of the main components, which has been instrumental in connecting many people from all over the world, who use the internet as useful information that can be accessed quickly or instantly from various parts of the world. and remote parts of the world. Previously, there may have been many obstacles in exchanging information. The emergence of social media platforms, the use of email and instant messaging applications that can send messages or communicate from various countries has become easier.

And apart from that, the development of software and applications certainly also facilitates relations between international countries, platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, also enable activities such as meetings and conferences that are not held in person but with online or virtual access. where this will reduce the physical activity of traveling. And this activity will save time and money, as well as reduce the environmental impact of airplane travel.

Transportation and Logistics

Advances in transportation technology have also contributed significantly to globalization. Airplanes, container ships, and high-speed trains enable the fast and efficient movement of goods and people. Advanced logistics systems, including real-time cargo tracking, have increased the efficiency of global supply chains. This allows companies to ship products to international markets more quickly and reliably.

A clear example of the influence of transportation technology on globalization is e-commerce. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba have leveraged logistics technology to provide fast delivery services to various countries. Consumers around the world can now buy products from other countries easily, which accelerates global economic exchange.

Innovation in the Economic Sector

In industry and also the global financial sector, technology has changed the way the economy is viewed. With the existence of fintech (Financial Technology) which makes transactions between countries easier, many payment methods are now used to process money withdrawals, especially for freelancers such as Paypal, Payoneer, and Alipay. Even though we use a money transfer platform between countries, the taxes are relatively low and not burdensome, blockchain and crypto technology can also be used for secure money exchange transactions in the form of crypto. 

Additionally, manufacturing technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have increased productivity and efficiency. Robotics and intelligent machines are used in factories around the world to reduce production costs and improve product quality. This globalization of production allows companies to utilize labor and resources from different countries, creating more integrated and efficient supply chains.

The influence of culture

Globalization is not only about economics and technology, but also about cultural exchange. Technology has played an important role in the spread of popular culture. Movies, music and games from one country can quickly become a global phenomenon through streaming platforms like Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

For example, the kakek merah slot game has become a popular game in various countries. Online gaming technology allows these games to be accessed by millions of users worldwide, creating a global community of players who interact and share experiences. This is one way how technology helps spread cultural elements from one country to another, enriching global cultural diversity.

Education, Research and Research

The latest technology has also changed education and research, education can be accessed anywhere via e-learning applications and also online education courses which are very easily accessible to all groups. Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy provide thousands of courses from top universities that anyone with internet access can take.

In the field of research, technology facilitates international collaboration between scientists and academics. Research databases, electronic journals, and virtual conferences enable faster exchange of information and knowledge. This accelerates innovation and discovery in various fields, from medicine to green technology.

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